Web Application Development Case Study

The Client

The client is a web solutions company that offers customized products and services.

Their solutions provide customers with flexible software to manage directory and database-driven websites.

The Challenge

As our client’s services expanded, their design had fallen behind.

They wanted to implement a redesign, but their development team was focused on core functionality and, at the same time, they couldn’t afford to fall behind by implementing design changes.

The client needed a development partner skilled in PHP and CSS. The partner also needed to follow the client’s coding standards.

The Process

  1. Receive design mockups from client team.
  2. Implement new designs.
  3. Improve functionality and add features as appropriate.

How Optimus Helped

The client’s designers created mockups for each page and the Optimus development team implemented the new designs working as a complement to the design team.

Optimus’ development team also improved functionality and added features by integrating new pages with back-end scripts.

Throughout the process, Optimus adhered to the client’s coding standards.

By working with Optimus, the client has freed up their development team to focus on critical tasks.

The client is now able to reduce time to market by focusing on their efforts on core functionality and leveraging Optimus’ strengths as an outsourcing partner.

Optimus helps save our client 40 percent on the cost of development and implementation of new page designs.