Web Based Reporting Using JasperSoft Case Study

The Client

Our client is a leading online memorial and event commemoration service.

Helping our client understand subscriber data and exploring revenue streams provided them with a steep competitive advantage.

The Challenge

Our client’s new online memorial and event portal recently saw a huge jump in subscribers. Data was becoming more complicated with each transaction on our client’s online portal.

Our client was looking for an easy and accessible reporting platform to analyze the business.

Key Challenges

– Database was not scalable.

– Incoming data was not normalized.

– Reporting system was not in place to identify the revenue stream and design a focused marketing plan

– Reporting platform that could keep data formatted and organized was not in place.

The Process

  1. Designed cloud database schema.
  2. Pulled data from existing systems for reorganization.
  3. Load data into the new database.
  4. Configured reporting infrastructure.
  5. Build reports.

How Optimus Helped

Our client used Optimus’ consulting services to transform their existing MS SQL database to a MySQL database schema, and used cloud infrastructure to effectively scale their database.

We created scripts for data imports and conversions using the MySQL database to generate visual dashboards according to the parameters set by the user.

With usability and reporting objectives in mind, we designed visualizations that plotted data so that their different attributes, trends and correlations could be easily understood and analyzed. These reports were designed by querying and deploying data onto Optimus’ cloud-based infrastructure. The reports can be accessed on-demand anytime and anywhere through a secure web interface. Reports can also be scheduled or triggered by events, and distributed via email.

Optimus’ web-based report solution simplified the client’s IT management by centralizing reporting infrastructure. It also improved scalability and accessibility.

By choosing Optimus to improve data management and reporting services, the client gained better insight into their revenue sources. With our pay-as-you-go plan, our client reduced their IT overhead in both maintenance and expansion.