Your Tribute Relaunches Online Memorial Website Builder Platform

The Client

The client has a social media platform that allows users to setup personalized tribute websites.

The platform is integrated with other social media platforms like Facebook.

The Challenge

The client had developed their platform with a previous vendor and now needed to improve the functionality, design and integration with other platforms.

The client required a new vendor to develop advanced features, a test environment and support documentation. More importantly, the client needed a partner who can provide an on-going technology outsourcing relationship.

The Process

  1. Learn about the platform from the previous vendor.
  2. Reverse engineer the application to understand the finer details.
  3. Create design and development support documentation.
  4. Test new features on a test server before deploying.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus rapidly acquired platform knowledge from the previous vendor.

The team then reverse engineered the application to understand the details of the platform.

Optimus created design and development documentation to support the system.

A new test server was set up to validate new features before moving them to the production environment.

The client now has a reliable technology partner that provides an agile methodology based extension to the client’s team.

This relationship benefits the client by improving the scalability and flexibility of their technology team.

The client has since been able to release major upgrades and extensions to their platform helping them increase their market presence.

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