Testing Infrastructure in the Cloud: Is it Right for Your Business?

cloud-testing Testing Infrastructure in the Cloud: Is it Right for Your Business?

In last six months, many of our clients have started asking about leveraging cloud-based testing infrastructure. We were intrigued by this development and have now used cloud infrastructure on a few testing projects.

Some key benefits of this approach include :

  • Pay as you go: Clients need testing infrastructure only for limited duration of the project. Cloud pricing helps there.
  • Scalability: Clients need certain infrastructure scale to test non functional aspects like scalability, availability etc. Cloud infrastructure’s scalability fits this need perfectly.
  • Capital vs. operating expense: With cloud infrastructure, it is easier to expense to a specific initiative. It brings more accountability.
  • Cost: Overall, our experience show that cloud testing tends to be cost-efficient. Part of that efficiency comes from lower overhead and reduction in IT staff costs.

So with all of these advantages, why is not everyone adopting cloud testing?

First, I would say that the trend towards cloud testing, and cloud infrastructure in general, is definitely strong and growing. Clients looking to replace infrastructure are considering the cloud as one of the top 2 options.

However, there are aspects like lack of knowledge, fear of uncertainty and issues related to organizational dynamics holding many companies back from embracing the cloud.

Despite these holdups, the case for cloud infrastructure is quite good and we expect to see much higher traction in next few quarters.

Is the cloud ready for testing infrastructure?

Our view is that cloud is not be ready for 100 percent of testing, particularly in areas where you need to capture some network issues in a real environment. However, with the launch of new tools almost on a weekly basis as well as the cloud’s suitability to simulate scenarios, cloud testing is rapidly maturing.

So, to summarize, if you are considering either setting up testing infrastructure or replacing your current infrastructure, we encourage you to evaluate some of the cloud-based options. To learn more on this you can contact us here.


Note: This article has been updated with new information.