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cloud management



Cloud migration, architecture assessment, monitoring, cost optimization, and Azure cloud solution provider (CSP) services.



Governance on Azure DevOps, work item management, work planning, interface to development and testing services, and CI/CD pipeline setup and management.

Application Development

Application Development

Application development, enhancement and management across segments including web, mobile, SaaS, cloud and desktop.

Data and AI

Data & AI

Data Strategy, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deployment to harness the power of your data for business results.

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Application Testing



Automated & manual testing for mobile, web, SaaS, cloud & desktop applications while integrating with your DevOps pipeline.

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Virtual Lunch and Learn

We are now offering a Virtual Lunch and Learn on “Creating Dashboards with Power BI” providing a real-life experience of how easy and useful it is to create dashboards. Learn more

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App Modernization Workshop

Through our App Modernization workshop you will learn to implement an end-to-end scenario based in Microsoft Azure App services and related services. Learn more

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COVID-19 Community Support

At Optimus we’re always trying to help our local community, especially during this global crisis. In the past few weeks we have raised over $8500 for local organizations. 

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Cloud POS Development

How did we modernize our customer’s on-premises application and digitally transform them by moving to the cloud? Leveraging the Azure architecture, and an Agile…



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