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Webinar Series – Cloud Security Best Practices

In this webinar series, Pankaj Agarwal, managing partner at Optimus Information, and Michael Argast, Co-Founder and CEO of Kobalt Security Inc. discussed cloud security best practices to implement at organizations and how to avoid common security mistakes.

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Webinar Series – Digital Transformation Journey with Azure

In this webinar series Pankaj Agarwal, Managing Partner of Optimus interviewed Rizwan Somji, CEO of Cymax Group. They discussed Cymax Group’s digital transformation journey and how they are leveraging Azure and data in their business.

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Webinar Series – Tech Tools for a Post COVID Work Environment

In this webinar, Optimus’s Managing Partner, Pankaj Agarwal, interviewed Omar Visram, CEO of Enkel Backoffice Solutions. They discussed what tech tools organizations can leverage to address post COVID work environment needs and tips on how you can start implementing them yourself.

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Webinar Series – How to succeed at Digital Transformation with Pablo Garcia

Digital Transformation has been a buzzword over the last few years, but few organizations are truly embracing the change. Leaders need to re-think how they want to use their technology, processes, and people in order to create value for their customers and drive business outcomes.

In this Webinar Series Optimus’s Managing Partner, Pankaj Agarwal, interviewed Pablo Garcia, Global Software Development Lead for Finning Digital.They discussed Finning’s digital transformation journey and provided some practical do’s and don’ts to help you succeed with your own digital transformation.

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Optimus Breakfast Series: Digital Transformation with Azure

This Optimus breakfast session focused on Digital Transformation using Azure. Our keynote speaker, Jim Bowyer, National Leader for Azure Customer Success at Microsoft, explored customer success and failure stories and the do’s and don’ts of digital transformation.

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Interning at Optimus Information

“Optimus is one place where you are guaranteed to stand on your feet.”

-Vipul Kulshrestha, Co-founder and Head of India Operations

As a college student, locking in an internship is a vital part of career growth and often choosing the right company is the real challenge. At Optimus, our focus is on the growth of every intern from the first day. “Optimus is one place where you are guaranteed to stand on your feet.”

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Behind the Scenes at the Optimus Noida Delivery Centre

See the immersive and fun workplace culture we’re creating here at Optimus in Noida, India

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Optimus Breakfast Series: Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing

The most recent instalment of the Optimus Breakfast Series took place Oct. 5th, 2017. A discussion on software outsourcing with some of the top executives in the industry was led by Pankaj Agarwal, Founder and Managing Partner of Optimus Information. This breakfast event brought together high-level IT professionals and provided attendees valuable insights on working with an outsourcing partner.

Watch the complete video recording here!

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VanQ: How to start a brand new QA Department: People, Process and Product!

Too often, QA teams get built because of an internal need, but the departmental structure becomes an afterthought. In this session, Nitika Joshi will talk about how to build a QA team and department that’s efficient and scalable for the long term.

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Optimus Breakfast Series: Testing in an Interconnected world: How to Test Applications as They Become Increasingly Universal

In case you couldn’t make it to Testing in an Interconnected World on June 13th, 2017, you can watch the entire panel discussion here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our events page to register for the next event.

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Optimus Breakfast Series – Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing

On Tuesday, November 17 , 2015, Optimus Information hosted our second Breakfast Series event of the year. Hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, this early morning event brought together over 60 local technology professionals to form a captivating discussion on the Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing.

Pankaj Agarwal, Founder and Managing Partner of Optimus Information, led a discussion on software outsourcing with the following panelists:

  • Ralph Turfus,  Entrepreneur, Investor and ex-CEO, Class Software
  • Peter Lukomskyj, VP, Products, Elastic Path Software
  • Benjamin Terrill, VP of Customer Success, Mobify
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VanQ – Vancouver’s Local Software Quality Assurance Community Reaches 700+ Members and Counting

VanQ Software Quality Assurance group was formed over 10 years ago with a small community of local software developers and testers. This month we are celebrating a milestone as VanQ has now hit over 700 members.

For this Meetup, Gary Mogyorodi from the Canadian Software Testing Board in Toronto came out to speak with our members about the ISTQB, benefits of the ISTQB, Syllabi and Extension, the ISTQB footprint, the Canadian Software Testing Board, and the ISTQB Partner Program. Watch the complete presentation here.

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