Mobile Application Testing

Optimus Information offers mobile application testing services for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and HTML5.

Mobile applications must be designed to gracefully handle a complex set of situations particular to mobile platforms such as battery loss, network loss and memory restrictions. Ensuring that your app can handle these situations requires specialized testing expertise.


Optimus has experience with all aspects of mobile app testing:

  • Functional testing including exploratory testing, test case writing and test case execution.
  • Security testing that focuses on confidentiality, integrity and authentication.
  • Load and performance testing that uses live load, simulated load and hybrid load methods.
  • Memory and leakage testing on wide range of devices.
  • Mobile test automation which shortens the testing life cycle.
  • Localization testing using translation validation services and full localization testing methods.
  • Usability testing by employing surveys and audits.

We also provide cross-platform test services which ensure that applications work as intended on a variety of operating systems.

To learn more about our mobile application testing services, view the selected case study below.