Testing as a Service

Optimus Information offers managed testing services from our offices in Vancouver and New Delhi. You benefit from our one-shore model where testing is done around the clock in a seamless manner from two locations.

Your testing needs may vary from test strategy to test planning, from functional testing to test automation in addition to areas like mobile testing, performance testing and security testing. It is difficult and also cost prohibitive for a company to build all this expertise in-house. With Optimus, you get a one point solution.

Many software companies and enterprise IT departments are looking for a trusted partner who can offer a complete testing solution providing the best resources for the work only when needed while only paying for the work done.

Optimus’ software testing services are designed to meet the real needs of these companies. You can also take advantage of Optimus’ testing infrastructure, test management tools and testing tools.


You gain access to a number of first-order benefits through our managed testing services:

  • Specialized resource for specific duration to address specific need
  • No need to build in-house testing team for variable demand pattern
  • Variable costs compared to fixed costs
  • Testing costs directly linked as a percentage of your software budget
  • Reduced or zero investment in testing hardware and software
  • Focus on the core competency
  • Efficiency of Optimus’ testing  experience

All of the above benefits lead to a faster time to market, reduced risk and reduced costs: faster, better and cheaper.

To learn more about software testing as a service, view the selected case study below.