City of Vancouver Parking Tickets Demo

Purpose of Demo:

The purpose of this demo is to showcase the capabilities of Power BI. You will see how a data set can be imported and easily transformed into clear and intelligible visualizations.


Here we have consumed Vancouver Parking tickets data available publicly on the City of Vancouver Portal and imported it in the database with the help of Python libraries.

With the help of the report, one can easily visualize the pain points and areas in Vancouver which are likely to get most of the parking tickets issued. 


Click through the different pages using the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard.

Each page shows you a different dashboard:

  1. Infractions over time
  2. Key areas depicting most infractions

Page 1 depicts the overall picture of the parking ticket allocations over the period starting from 2011 to 2019.

Page 2 depicts areas where most infractions happened over the selected period.