Retail Store Inventory and Sales Demo


This demo will show you data with a retail focus. The data set shows inventory and sales for a chain of bicycle stores.


This dataset shows the relationship between orders, stock control and sales. It shows the relevant metrics needed to run a retail location efficiently. 

The data has been sourced from the Microsoft Adventureworks2014 data warehouse and is publicly available.


Click through the different pages using the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard.

Each page shows you a different dashboard:

      1. Overview
      2. Stock
      3. Sales

Page 1 shows sales over time by product category with breakdowns into month, region, gender and sub category.

Page 2 shows the current items in stock and the sales for the selected date range. It also show the number of units received and shipped out.

Page 3 shows the sales per year broken down into region, gender and month. We can also see the top 10 products for that date range.