Sage with Power BI


Sage has been delivering on-premise ERP solutions for decades. With thousands of customers all over the world, they deliver first-class solutions for financial and operational reporting.

Using Power BI, you can modernize and automate your Sage ERP reporting and report delivery:

    • You’ll be able to save time spent on manually creating new data reports, which is usually an ongoing process. By automating this process, you’ll go through a one-time setup, and then Power BI does the work for you.
    • When manually creating reports, the data is often old or outdated by the time the report is completed. By automating this with Power BI, you can achieve near real-time data and reports.
    • Using Sage with Power BI also allows you to take your reports and dashboards with you anywhere. Because it’s in the cloud, you can access it from mobile, web or desktop, anywhere in the world at any time.

    The Demo:

    Using sample data, we’ve created a few common reports for you to try.

    To generate these reports, we installed a gateway on the Sage database and created the reports using Power BI Dashboards. They get published with Power BI services and ultimately connect with the Sage database.

    We also modeled the data in Power BI. This allows you to use the same data model across different reports and improve the overall data quality.