WorkSafeBC Injury Data Demo

Purpose of Demo:

In this demo, we utilize a range Power BI components, experiment with the “M” language and start to push the data loader further. 


Utilizing public data from the Workers Compensation Board Website, we analyzed injury data and basic statistics to find interesting conclusions.

The data has been source from the WorkSafeBC website and is publicly available.


Click through the different pages using the arrows at the bottom of the dashboard.

Each page shows you a different dashboard:

    1. Injury Rate – Statistics Yearly
    2. Injury Rate – Incident Extrapolation
    3. Injury Rate – Incidents Breakdown
    4. Injury Rates – Incidents

    Page 1 shows the statistics pulled from the Annual Report Tables (using python and pdfTables). The data is compared to the Target figures for Injury Rate and for Premium Cost Rate.

    Page 2 shows the classification of Injuries by Industry Sector, Injury Group (Fatal, Close Call and Other) and the top 10 injuries. Clicking on the circle charts allows you to filter the values.

    Page 3 shows the top 5 injuries and activities over time. You can select the Sector Selector to see the injury characteristics of different sectors.

    Page 4 shows the comparison between Industry Type and Locations.