Data Engineering

Storage is cheap, bandwidth is widely available and streaming services are reliable. This means that collecting immense amounts of information is now a reality. As the number of feed systems (business applications, IoT, social media, unstructured digital media) grow, there is an increasing amount of data that needs to be stored and processed.

Optimus offers end-to-end data engineering services which includes building modern data warehouses and data lakes, managing big data, and deploying data integrations. Our expertise includes:

  • Accessing of all types of structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources
  • Merging and delivering data in real-time or batches by using data federation or ETL
  • Improving data quality during the ETL process by profiling, cleansing, and matching data

To ensure a return on our services, we complete our work with a result-oriented approach so that information is aligned with the business context of users. Our services help companies to report, organize, and analyze data from multiple sources. We specialize in enterprise-scale application and delivery the quality you should expect.

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