Tech Tools for a Post COVID Work Environment

After months of COVID-19 lockdown, most organizations have now equipped their employees with tools to work effectively from home. However, as businesses are opening up and we move into a new phase, leaders will need to look at the changing needs of a post COVID work environment. Is your organization set up to address real-time health screening, hot desk monitoring, […]

Strategies for Evaluating and Ensuring Code Security and Resiliency

There are numerous ways to evaluate the security of your code, applications and infrastructure - they are not all equal, and each has a role to play. In this free webinar Kobalt Security's CEO Michael Argast will help you build an understanding of the range of options available to your team to effectively evaluate code […]

Retrospectives 101

The term ‘retrospective’ in itself is ancient, but it has picked momentum in the last decade or so. Increasingly teams are looking for ways to improve the future deliverables by reviewing the past deliverables. In software development, retrospective meetings are often conducted at the end of a milestone, end of a sprint, post mortem of […]

Digital Transformation Journey with Azure

According to Forbes, 89% of all companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy or plan to do so. Moving to the cloud is often the first step an organization takes on its digital transformation journey. Over the past few years, we've seen increased adoption of the cloud and the accelerated digital transformation of businesses. Those who have successfully adopted the cloud are […]

Running Selenium Automated Tests in Azure DevOps

Selenium is perhaps one of the most commonly used tools to automate web browser interaction. What is it like running it on Azure DevOps? What are some Do's and Don'ts? And, what are the advantages? Join our webinar on September 24 to learn from seasoned professional Alex Siminiuc. Alex has over 20 years of experience […]

Cloud Adoption Framework Workshop

  When you start your cloud adoption journey, it is critical to develop a strong plan that includes people, processes, operations, management, and governance. Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework is a proven guide designed to help create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for your organization to succeed in the cloud. In this workshop, Optimus Information will […]

Cloud Security Best Practices

As organizations move to public cloud platforms like Azure, understanding security is more important than ever. Attacks on cloud infrastructure are different compared to traditional infrastructure and require a different strategy to mitigate risk. Join us on Oct 22, for our next session of Coffee with Tech Leaders with Pankaj Agarwal, managing partner at Optimus Information, […]

DevOps at Plenty Of Fish and QA’s Role in the Process

The need for faster time to market and superior quality is getting intense in the software development process. The underlying objectives of adopting DevOps are to make the testing and development process more collaborative, ensure software quality and to help launch the product faster to the market. This makes quality assurance (QA) a key component […]

QA for Systems Design

We are excited to have Robert Reppel, the CTO at TwoTonic Labs, presenting to us on "QA for Systems Design. " Robert Reppel wrote his first commercial software applications more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has been involved in many more as a developer, architect, entrepreneur, development manager and agile practitioner, for companies […]

Cloud Adoption: Common Pitfalls and How to Prepare

Transforming digitally is not an option for businesses today. To stay competitive, businesses have undergone 2 years of digital transformation in just 2 months. Cloud adoption is a key component of digital transformation. It needs to consider people, process, and technology – all based on a strategy that is aligned to your business goals. Join […]