What Should You Cover in a Selenium Coding Test

While there are quite a few tools to automate web browser interaction, Selenium is perhaps the most commonly used. It is primarily used to write scripts for actions users might take on your website, testing site functionality much faster than you could by hand. A short Selenium test might confirm that the browser can load […]

Observability-Driven-Development + Testing-in-Production


Do you ever wonder when to use an observability-driven approach for the development of your software system? What are the key factors to consider? While observability-driven development has been around for quite some time, how does it help in avoiding serious business and operational risks? We are excited to have Larry Ng, Development Director at […]

VanQ Monthly Event


Cycle time is one the most important metrics within software development. Shorter cycle times mean an optimized process and faster time to market. But to what extent is this dependent on the quality of the software that you are using? Join us on June 25th for our VanQ webinar where we have Robert Reppel, the […]

Strategies for Evaluating and Ensuring Code Security and Resiliency

There are numerous ways to evaluate the security of your code, applications and infrastructure - they are not all equal, and each has a role to play. In this free webinar Kobalt Security's CEO Michael Argast will help you build an understanding of the range of options available to your team to effectively evaluate code […]

Retrospectives 101

The term ‘retrospective’ in itself is ancient, but it has picked momentum in the last decade or so. Increasingly teams are looking for ways to improve the future deliverables by reviewing the past deliverables. In software development, retrospective meetings are often conducted at the end of a milestone, end of a sprint, post mortem of […]

Running Selenium Automated Tests in Azure DevOps

Selenium is perhaps one of the most commonly used tools to automate web browser interaction. What is it like running it on Azure DevOps? What are some Do's and Don'ts? And, what are the advantages? Join our webinar on September 24 to learn from seasoned professional Alex Siminiuc. Alex has over 20 years of experience […]

DevOps at Plenty Of Fish and QA’s Role in the Process

The need for faster time to market and superior quality is getting intense in the software development process. The underlying objectives of adopting DevOps are to make the testing and development process more collaborative, ensure software quality and to help launch the product faster to the market. This makes quality assurance (QA) a key component […]

QA for Systems Design

We are excited to have Robert Reppel, the CTO at TwoTonic Labs, presenting to us on "QA for Systems Design. " Robert Reppel wrote his first commercial software applications more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has been involved in many more as a developer, architect, entrepreneur, development manager and agile practitioner, for companies […]

Continual Service Improvement in Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience helps businesses to recognize that hackers have the advantage of innovative tools, element of surprise, target and can be successful in their attempt. This concept helps businesses to prepare, prevent, respond and successfully recover to the intended secure state. This is a cultural shift as the organization sees security as a full-time job […]

Testing without Requirements

Have you ever tested an application without documented requirements? If yes, then you are not alone! Honestly, nothing is more exciting than to see well documented functional/system requirement documents, with elaborate use cases and mock-up screens. However, as we move towards more agile delivery and rapid software development cycles, documentation is an area that often […]