Automated Regression Testing for Desktop Application Case Study

The Client

The client is a restaurant point of sale pioneer providing end-to-end POS solutions, including software, hardware and support, to the hospitality industry.

The Challenge

Our Client was looking to automate their regression test suite with 6000+ test cases for their desktop-based POS application to minimize the effort required to execute them whenever any changes are done to the application.

They wanted to have a robust framework and portable scripts which can be executed on different machines. They also wanted to be able to add or remove test scenarios with minimal changes in code.

The Process

  1. Determine which regression test scenarios are appropriate for automation.
  2. Create test plan.
  3. Create testing framework, scripts and data.
  4. Create test results report.

How Optimus Helped

We talked to the client to get a clear understanding of their needs and their application and proposed a data driven framework using AutoIT.

Once we were clear on the client’s needs, we delivered in the following stages.

  1. Create a high-level test plan to provide visibility on effort estimation, deliverables and test approach.
  2. Create a framework using AutoIT tool and VBScript where all scripts, functions, test data are defined and managed.
  3. Create a user interface with AutoIT to manage configurations and make selection of test scripts more convenient.
  4. Filter out unnecessary test scenarios from the regression test suites and created test scripts with multiple sets of test data to obtain maximum coverage.
  5. Configure an Excel work book to capture Pass/Fail test results and make it easy to share the results after test execution.

The Optimus team delivered a robust and effective test suite which reduced the customer’s test cycle significantly.