Automated Testing of Web Application Case Study

The Client

The client is a global leader in web-based environmental monitoring software that collects data, creates reports and triggers alarms.

The software allows users to set alarms that trigger alerts on-screen, via email, SMS and telephone.

The Challenge

The client wanted to add automated testing of their web application to their current manual testing program. The client was looking for an easy to use automation tool and they needed help creating scripts for their test scenarios.

The client’s application is used to monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure and other environmental factors and send out alerts, so the automation tool needed to be able to handle database, email and SMS notifications in case of disaster.

The web application is also localized in Chinese, Japanese, French and a number of other languages, so the tool would need to handle localization.

The main focus of test automation would be on functional aspects of the application.

The Process

  1. Design flow charts.
  2. Create test data.
  3. Record test scripts.
  4. Share test results.

How Optimus Helped

The client settled on Testing Anywhere as their automation tool. It is easy to run automated tests on Testing Anywhere, but setting up the tests requires in-depth knowledge of 535+ commands.

In order to help our client, meet their testing needs, OptimusQA’s team followed these steps:

  1. Learn some advanced features of Testing Anywhere that we hadn’t used before.
  2. Design flow charts for the application’s test scenarios.
  3. Create valid and invalid test data files to be used with test scripts.
  4. Recorded the scripts and modify them to be run on multiple platforms.
  5. Create a customized tracking mechanism to provide the client with daily updates and project status.

In the space of a 10 months from project start to end, the client received a massive suite of automated functional tests that would let their testing team focus manual testing on new features and other things that are best tested manually.