Mobile Websites Automation Testing Case Study

The Client

The Client is Canada’s premier software solution provider. Together with its customer, our client creates a better, user-friendly web for the billions of people who access it on their mobile devices.

The Challenge

Our client was looking to automate their manual regression test cases for their mobile websites to minimize the effort required to execute them whenever there is any change in the existing functionality.

They wanted to have a robust framework which would enable the addition and removal of the test scenarios with minimal change in code. They were also looking to provide test data in an external file which can be changed any time without having to break existing scripts. Maintainability and sustainability were important aspects for the automation project.

The automated scripts were supposed to be executed after every 4 Hrs and results to be shared with every stakeholder. This would help the early detection of any major issue.

The Process

  1. Understanding of application and automation requirements.
  2. Creation of test plan to indicate different activities with milestones and estimates.
  3. Creation of different workflows for automation.
  4. Framework creation.
  5. Scripting and coding.
  6. Test results reporting.
  7. Scheduler job creation.

How Optimus Helped

In order to help our client meet their automation testing needs, Optimus’s team followed these steps:

  1. Optimus created a hybrid framework which had the advantages of both data driven and keyword driven approaches.
  2. Optimus configured the framework in such a way so that execution on different mobile web browser can be performed by making relevant changes in configuration file.
  3. Optimus created positive and negative test scenarios with multiple test data to obtain maximum coverage.
  4. Test results were automatically sent by email to all stakeholders in html format.
  5. Optimus used Jenkins tool and provided an automatic scheduler which would invoke the automated test suite in every 4 Hrs interval.
  6. Optimus used Github for storing and managing automation scripts.
  7. Optimus team automated multiple mobile web sites and added each one as a new job in scheduler.
  8. In the end, client was happy with the automated test results generated and the robustness and sustainability of the automated regression suite.