POS Digital Ordering System Case Study

The Client

The client is a market-leading POS solutions provider specializing in hospitality management systems, offering platforms and services to restaurants, hotels, bars, and other foodservice operators across North America.

The Need

The client required front-end development of the user panel and the admin panel for their Digital Ordering System (DOS), a web based application supporting desktop, tablets and mobile platforms. The new system would allow establishments to take orders through their website or mobile app and integrate directly into their in-store ordering system for pick-up or delivery.

Key Challenges

  • The development of the UI was to be done in advance while the APIs to integrate with the back end were still to be finalized and implemented. Requirements continued getting detailed and clarified as development progressed.
  • Complete end to end testing was not possible due to unavailability of DAL layer.

The Optimus Solution

The Optimus team created a responsive web application that was supported on all modern browsers: desktop, tablets and mobile. Optimus worked closely with the client to understand the requirements and finalize the work flows and client side validations needed on the UI. Regular iterations were carried out with the client to clarify functional issues as they were encountered to maintain project velocity.

As the client’s APIs had not been finalized, the Optimus team worked closely with the client to preemptively identify risks and come up with a mitigation plan to minimize any technical debt.

Because of the lack of a DAL layer, test data had to be generated and hard coded so that proper end to end testing could be done.

Upon project completion, the Optimus team provided the code walkthrough to the client and included detailed comments in the code to facilitate easy integration of the GUI layer with the DAL.