Quickbooks Integration Case Study

The Client

The client is a restaurant point-of-sales pioneer. They provide end-to-end POS solutions, including software, hardware and support to the global hospitality industry.

They continuously strive to offer reliable technology and POS solutions.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading vendor of the POS systems, required a program to export data from their system into Quickbooks.

Key Challenges

– The Optimus team had access only to the front end of the POS application and a report containing an export of some data from the application.

– We did not have a description of the mapping between the fields on the GUI, the DB Schema and the data export provided.

– The data contained in the export file was not in a format that could be directly imported into the various QuickBooks fields without processing.

Our team had to quickly ramp up on QuickBooks and the accounting domain to identify and overcome these challenges.

The Process

  1. Analysis of system, domain and POS export.
  2. Identify discrepancies between exported data and QuickBooks.
  3. Implementation using SDK from QuickBooks.
  4. Testing in an actual restaurant.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus’ team worked closely with SMEs from the accounting domain to understand the nature of different fields in QuickBooks.

We experimented with the different data entered from the POS UI to understand the nature and purpose of the items. We also worked with our client’s financial consultants to understand the meaning and use of the different fields in their POS system, and mapped the data exported by it.

Our team then researched what data would be best to import into QuickBooks. We then processed the export data so that it was compatible with QuickBooks.

The implementation of the import utility was done using QBFC10 SDK based of the COM library to communicate with the QuickBooks API.

The final level of acceptance testing was carried out at restaurant locations to see if the program was ready for live use and to save time.

The program we provided has been in use since the first roll out, with minor feature enhancements made to increase user convenience.