Technology Company Augments Team to Meet Release Deadline

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The Client

The client is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement technologies. Their technologies include both hardware and software solutions that are used by national meteorological and hydrological services, aviation authorities, defense forces, road authorities, the weather critical energy sector, life science and building automation.

Founded in 1936, the company serves customers in more than 140 countries.

The Business Need

The client’s development process follows a waterfall approach in which they release very large updates approximately once per year. They had been doing all of their development and testing in-house but were struggling to meet their deadlines. Because they only release once per year, their releases are very large and adherence to deadlines is imperative.

With a release date approaching, they did not have enough internal resources to hit their targets and did not have the time to hire and train new contractors or staff. They needed to bring in an outsourcing partner that could quickly provide the resources needed to complete the product release in time.

The Optimus Solution

Optimus had worked with this client in the past so they were already familiar with their technology and processes. In the beginning, team huddles and stand ups were held daily to ensure alignment on the project and objectives.

Optimus started with development support on their core solution and then worked into manual and automated testing. Optimus also assisted with documentation.

The client worked very closely with Optimus’ local team and offshore team, often working with the Optimus India team directly. Phone calls with the client and Optimus’ local and offshore teams were held weekly to ensure full knowledge transfer to all team members.

The Result

  • The client is now on track to meet their release deadline
  • Projects are able to be assigned and ramped up quickly
  • The client has achieved cost effectiveness from working with an onshore/offshore model rather than hiring internally
  • The quality of work matches that which is being produced in-house


By working with Optimus, the client was able to avoid a lengthy hiring process. Their hiring market is extremely competitive, and it’s difficult to find the right people. With Optimus’ skilled resources ready to go, the client was able to meet their annual release date.