Transitioning Intranet Web Application Support and Maintenance from UWT

The Client

United World Transportation (UWT) specializes in over the road refrigerated produce shipments across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They understand that growers, shippers, food service companies, retailers and carriers need a transportation company that can effectively communicate, work proactively, and apply resourcefulness and knowledge to ensure the safe, secure, and on-time delivery of perishables.

United World Transportation (UWT) started out as the third party logistics company United World Cargo, which was founded in 2003. With an enduring passion for “continuous improvement” shaped by the two owners, UWT has grown to be a successful transportation provider in the refrigerated produce industry, an educator for market, regulatory and industry topics, and a sought after employer.

The Need

United World Transportation has an intranet web application, used to log and monitor all the transactions done by UWT customer support/sales employees. UWT was looking for a technology partner who could transition maintenance of the application from UWT and support and enhance the application on an ongoing basis.

Key Challenges

– Unavailability of documentation, including product write-up and design document.

– Had to transition application while working on ongoing enhancements in parallel.

– Required an impact analysis in the application as it is integrated with 3rd party CRMs.

– Setup of test environment to test the 3rd party integrations to ensure quality.

How Optimus Helped

  1. The Optimus team met with the client on multiple occasions to understand their Intranet web application and gather requirements for the project.

  2. Optimus then, in further consultation with customer, created a comprehensive project plan to successfully transition the web application.

  3. After approval of the project plan the Optimus team established a governance structure jointly with the customer SMEs, to execute the transition as per the plan.

  4. Due to the unavailability to documentation the Optimus team had to spend time understanding the technical architecture and application code. This included an analysis of all 3rd party integrations.

  5. Throughout the web application transition the Optimus engineering team was working on product enhancements. This took significant planning so that enhancements were released on time without interfering with the web application transition.

  6. As part of the transition process Optimus helped to setup a complete integrated staging environment in order to quickly verify enhancements. This will enable faster production deployment of future application enhancements.

The Result

At the end of web application transition project the client had an updated and bug free application that was managed by Optimus Information. Optimus continues to manage the ongoing maintenance of the application and add new enhancements.

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