Performance Testing

Optimus Information provides a full range of performance testing services using automated and manual testing tools for software, web applications, mobile applications and more.

The Optimus team’s extensive knowledge of QA and performance testing help us design, plan and manage performance testing projects of varying magnitudes.

Our expertise includes:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Spike testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Isolation testing
  • Cloud testing

Purpose of Performance Testing

Performance testing can help in a number of situations including the following:

  • Find bottlenecks in your systems
  • Compare two systems to determine which best suits your needs
  • Determine if a given system meets your performance requirements

It provides both stability and responsiveness benefits that will assist end-user adoption and contribute to the success of a system.

performance-testing Performance Testing

Performance Test Automation

We are one of the few companies with demonstrable experience in performance test automation using industry standard tools.
There are a number of advantages to test automation that justify the upfront expense:

  • Save time by completely eliminating repetitive tasks
  • Speed up development by allowing tests to run overnight
  • Improve test reliability by removing human error
  • Improve code early by beginning tests before creating a UI

To learn more about our performance testing services, view the selected case study below.