Kiosk POS Performance Testing Case Study

The Client

Our client hosts live interactive game and entertainment experiences. Included in their games are prizes, cash winnings, and grand-prize draws.

The Challenge

This was a complex project which involved application testing, validating and configuring different POS systems by integration kiosk IDs with each test case.  This ensured that a request could be virtually fired from different POS Kiosks at the same time.

Why Optimus

Our client needed a testing partner that could handle a complex set of application testing and validating requirements.

Key Challenges

– Load testing of applications to analyze the behaviour under different loads.

– Simulation of scenarios where AMF services of application were accessed at the same time by different users and captured failed responses.

– Creation of test scripts in Soap UI tool for request and response scenarios from flowchart diagrams.

– Identification of the methods which were called when requests were fired.

– Capturing responses of AMF Requests and applying checkpoints to validate the response.

– Parallel execution of test scripts created in Soap UI tool.

The Process

  1. Reviewed application requirements.
  2. Identified test scenarios and methods.
  3. Shared business requirements with client.
  4. Created test scripts for different test scenarios in SOAP UI tool.
  5. Executed of test scenarios.
  6. Captured response time for AMF services.
  7. Shared consolidated test scripts and response time metrics.
  8. Daily and weekly status update to Client.

How Optimus Helped

  1. Our team quickly understood the requirements and created a plan consisting of various server side operations to be performed.
  2. We created test scenarios using flowcharts and simulated for one, five and ten users in parallel.
  3. Our team captured responses of AMF services and validated them
  4. We shared failed responses, response time metrics and test scripts with our clients daily.

Tools Used:

SOAP UI, Jira, Confluence

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