Test Automation of a Web Application Case Study

The Client

Our client provides a global peer-to-peer money transfer cloud platform enabling users to transfer money around the globe.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to create a robust test automation framework that would include the ability to add and remove test scenarios with minimal code changes.

Why Optimus

Our client needed to ensure that the automated test results generated would be both sustainable and reliable.

Key Challenges

– They wanted to be able to provide test data in an external file with the capability to be updated at any time without altering existing scripts.

– Multiple user accounts with different specifications needed to be maintained.

– Maintenance of test data for automation scripts. So test data was expected to be in its expected state every time before execution of test suites.

– Client made frequent changes in the object identifier and functional flow of application. It imposed a major challenge as scripts need to be updated from time to time.

The Process

  1. Review of application and automation requirements.
  2. Automatic updates emailed to stakeholders.
  3. Test plan indicating different activities with milestones and estimates.
  4. Creation of different workflows for automation framework.
  5. Scripting and coding for test script creation.

How Optimus Helped

  1. Optimus created a hybrid framework including both data driven and keyword driven approaches.
  2. Optimus configured the framework allowing execution on different web browsers to be performed by making relevant changes in the config file.
  3. Optimus created positive and negative test scenarios with multiple test data to obtain maximum coverage.
  4. Our team sent test results automatically by email to all stakeholders in html format.
  5. Optimus helped our client achieve quick regression cycles using automation test suites.

Technologies Used:

Selenium Web-Driver, Eclipse, JAVA, ANT