The Client

MegaChain, Inc. has developed an entirely new decentralized platform to assist brands and social influencers to monetize their expertise, celebrity and reputation. They launched this platform with cloud-first and mobile-first approach that is built upon cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain.

The Business Need

As a new venture and angel-funded company, MegaChain needed to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in order to tangibly impart their vision to current and future investors and gain invaluable user feedback. The MVP would bring a platform to life, that would have a transaction flow starting at the user interface and ending with secure and permanent capture in the blockchain.

The Technical Challenge

The MVP had to support the entire transactional exchange between vendors and influencers. A key feature was global identity management for customer-facing applications built on their platform. It also had to demonstrate high availability and scalability up to hundreds of millions of users.

To achieve these goals, hiring a full development team was not feasible, so they turned to Optimus. Optimus’ deep expertise in cloud, mobile and social media full-stack application development and our ability to deliver with speed and agility was precisely what they needed.

The Optimus Solution

Optimus provided the MPV backend based on a Microservice architecture where each microservice had its own database. NodeJS and Golang languages were used for microservice image creation. Each microservice was then instantiated as a Docker container.

The microservices utilize several Microsoft Azure components:

Orchestrating the microservices and asynchronous communication was simplified using Azure Kubernetes Service. Azure Active Directory B2C provided the MVP with its highly scalable, global identity management service, which features single sign-on and multifactor authentication via corporate email or social accounts including Google, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Additional technologies employed in the solution included the ReactJS JavaScript library and a third-party API gateway.


MegaChain-AzureAD-e1572375012565 Azure Active Directory for User Interface to Blockchain

Login Work Flow for MegaChain Azure Active Directory

The Result

MegaChain’s engagement with Optimus produced their MVP within budget and on time. MegaChain now had the “infrastructure as code” along with pay-as-you-go Azure Active Directory support upon which they can develop additional components and use cases.

The client achieved their goal of a cloud-first, mobile-first working solution without the need for upfront capitalization of development infrastructure or development team expansion.

Optimus’ leveraging of Azure Active Directory provided a cost-efficient path to a functioning MVP and enabled MegaChain’s continuing digital transformation via core Active Directory benefits:

  • A service-oriented framework supporting rapid app development
  • Automatic access to highly available, scalable, secure cloud infrastructure
  • 99.9% SLA across 28 data centers and multiple geographies
  • Bullet-proof ID management for customer/employee access from any device
  • Simplified access via single sign-on and My Apps portal
  • Supports MFA plus conditional and privileged identity management
  • Dozens of pre-integrated 3rd-party cloud apps supported

With Azure Active Directory B2B and B2C, customer collaboration via customer-facing apps and outside company partners experience no disconnect between how they view personal and business related data.

Contact Optimus to learn more about how Azure Active Directory can help your organization and its products achieve your digital transformation goals while avoiding the complexities of cloud-first development and deployment.


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