One-Shore Software Testing Case Study

The Client

The client is a renowned North American restaurant chain.

They required efficient software for the restaurant chain owners to identify, diagnose, and manage areas of their operation that were not performing to par.

The Challenge

Our client had an in-house development team, but was facing QA challenges due to frequent changes in requirements and limited in-house knowledge of the QA process.

The client needed help in software testing to overcome testing obstacles and to help deliver quality software within a tight budget and timeline.

The test cases previously created by our client’s in-house team were not structured to provide adequate test coverage. Most notably the calculation functions in the financial system required 100% test coverage.

Testing had begun in the later stages of development and ultimately our client had difficulty delivering bug-free software to their franchisees.

The Process

  1. Reviewing project requirements.
  2. Onsite test case creation and execution.
  3. Offshore test case execution once software was stabilized.
  4. Onsite-offshore coordination for final testing.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus worked closely with the client to analyze their software requirements. We ensured that all requirements were correct and complete, that business logic for complex requirements were improved and requirement changes were handled.

Optimus then prepared a test strategy following all of the client’s testing needs. The existing test cases were modified and missing test cases were created after performing a gap analysis. Spreadsheet calculators were prepared to speed up the testing process of complex financial calculations.

Because testing began in the later stages of development, all initial test case creation and execution was done in parallel with development. Our team worked onsite with the client’s in-house development team, helping the software to quickly reach a stable state.

After all test cases were created and the software was stabilized, the test cases were executed at Optimus’ offshore center. This process allowed testing to be completed quickly, as the onsite and offshore teams worked in unison.

Our client’s in-house team and our onsite team were able to view the test results of our offshore team every morning, and deliver bug fixes to our offshore center for testing every evening.

Optimus helped the client deliver quality software with our onsite-offshore testing model.