Agile Software Testing Case Study

The Client

The client is a global leader in web-based environmental monitoring software that collects data, creates reports and triggers alarms.

The software allows users to set alarms that trigger alerts on-screen, via email, SMS and telephone.

The Challenge

The client had challenges in delivering a high-quality product on time because of limited testing resources and knowledge.

Their test cases did not cover the software’s complete functionality. Also, due to their frequent build cycle, new builds required regression testing.

The client needed a partner who could help with improving the quality of testing and who could provide resources on short notice for execution.

The Process

  1. Analyze and reorganize existing test cases.
  2. Test new builds offshore for immediate turnaround.
  3. Local QA Lead coordinates local and offshore resources with the client agile team.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus analyzed existing test cases and re-organized them into a proper format. Optimus worked closely with the client to write new test cases in order to improve the test coverage using a risk-based testing approach.

During the client’s frequent build cycle, new builds were sent directly to Optimus’ offshore team for quick turnaround.

Optimus’ local QA Lead worked with the client to provide a seamless integration using Optimus’ hybrid delivery model.

With Optimus’ help, the client was able to meet their product release deadline with a high-quality product.

Now the client has a deep partnership with Optimus, relying on Optimus for testing expertise, quick turnaround and flexibility.

The client also enjoys all of the benefits of partnering with a local company while achieving an attractive cost structure.