Post System Migration Report Testing Case Study

The Client

The client is a multinational shipping company that requires on-demand financial reporting.

Reporting is an invaluable competitive advantage to this client helping them make better business decisions.

The Challenge

Our client had recently switched to new financial and operations management systems (JD Edwards to Microsoft Dynamics AX and Danaos to IMOS). They migrated a large number of reports that their business relied upon for each of these systems.

To be confident in the newly developed reports, our client wanted to check for:

  • Data completeness
  • Data validation
  • Performance (query optimization)
  • Functionality
  • Security access/availability

Key Challenges

– Domain knowledge of the shipping industry was required.

– Technical knowledge of SQL, SSRS, SharePoint and Crystal Reports was needed.

– Quick turnaround of testing and QA was required with the delivery date fast approaching.

– Reconciliation reports using multiple datasources were crucial.

The Process

  1. Understand report testing objectives.
  2. Create test plan based on report objectives.
  3. Conduct testing and report defects.
  4. Follow up to ensure defects are resolved.

How Optimus Helped

OptimusQA had worked with this client on various IT projects in the past, so we already had a clear sense of their domain.

OptimusQA dedicated a team of report testers in both our Vancouver and India offices to work on-site and remotely around-the-clock to ensure that the testing of reports was completed before the delivery date.

Our Vancouver team worked closely with our client’s business users to understand each report’s objectives and to ensure that the test plan covered all scenarios. The team also ensured that reconciliation reports using multiple data sources covered scenarios from all applications.

Our team members’ experience in SQL coding, SSRS, and Crystal Reports allowed a quick turnaround in addressing and fixing report defects before the delivery date.