Retail Management System Testing Case Study

The Client

The client is a leading telecommunication services and solutions provider. They provide integrated wireless services to the public, government, and business.

The client is a publicly-traded company with locations across the USA and Canada.

The Challenge

Our client was implementing a retail management system for over 400 stores. They were looking for a QA partner to help them with interface and user acceptance testing.

Our client was implementing a product that was going through upgrades, so test cases needed to be continuously updated.

Key Challenges

– System users were busy with their regular work, so it was difficult learning about the system requirements and then converting these requirements into test cases.

– The test data was difficult to understand and implement.

– There were multiple stakeholders with varying opinions including the product vendor, the client’s user team, other vendors and the system implementation team.

The Process

  1. Understand user scenarios and develop test cases.
  2. Identify high-risk areas.
  3. Test system and validate results.
  4. Iterate.

How Optimus Helped

OptimusQA’s team consisting of a QA Lead and QA professionals worked at our client’s site. This team worked with our client’s users and technical team to design end-to-end test scenarios.

Once these scenarios were developed and validated, OptimusQA’s team created the test cases and started executing them. Any defects identified were validated and shared with the client and vendor during triage meetings.

In the last stage of the project, our team conducted end-to-end user acceptance testing with the client’s team.

The retail management system’s implementation has since gone live and rolled out in all of the client’s customer locations.