POS Functional Testing and Application Verification Case Study

The Client

The client is a restaurant point-of-sales pioneer. They provide end-to-end POS solutions, including software, hardware, and support, to the global hospitality industry.

They continuously strive to offer reliable technology and POS solutions.

The Challenge

Our client was upgrading their POS solution’s applications and hardware. They needed quality assurance for their product before release.

They needed a QA team that can quickly get current on the applications and their setup.

Our team was expected to understand the system’s business logic and functions by reading the client’s user manuals and examining their applications. The manuals and applications were the sole source for creating test scripts

Our client was eager to validate the release versions of current builds so that defects introduced in previous builds could get fixed quickly.

The Process

  1. Creation of test scripts.
  2. Regression testing using the test scripts.
  3. Verification of previously identified issues on current build.
  4. Checking that new and old hardware are interoperable.

How Optimus Helped

OptimusQA’s team provided testing support to our client so they could release their products with confidence.

We followed the below process:

  1. Our team setup a test lab similar to the environment used by end-customers.
  2. Test scripts were created from user manuals and applications. These scripts were validated periodically based on our client’s release candidate builds.
  3. The client’s new hardware was checked for backward compatibility with previously certified hardware.
  4. We checked the performance of the software database through stress testing.

OptimusQA’s detailed test scenarios validated our client’s application and its core functions. We resolved issues from older builds making a more stable application.

The whole project was successfully delivered on schedule and within budget.