POS Receipt Printer Testing Case Study

The Client

The Client is a restaurant point of sale pioneer that provides end-to-end POS solutions, including software, hardware and support, to the hospitality industry.

The Challenge

Client was adding support for the low cost, plug and play Epson TM T20 receipt printer to their Point of Sale application. They need to check that the receipts printed by the TM T20 printer configured through their POS application matched the already certified Epson TM T88V printer.

The testing team was expected to understand different types of receipts which were printed by the Point of Sale application on a connected printer and validate them against ana already certified printer.

The client was eager to validate this new printer before it before selling it with their POS solutions.

The Process

  1. Set up test lab.
  2. Create test scripts.
  3. Perform regression testing using the test scripts.

How Optimus Helped

Optimus’s team provided testing support to our client so they could support the new hardware product with their Point of Sale application.

We followed the below process:

  1. Set up test lab by installing the application and the configuring hardware as it is used by end customers.
  2. Test scripts were created for different types of receipts printed on the printer connected with POS terminal for different printer configurations.
  3. Test scripts were created for the validation of receipts when printed in different printer settings.

OptimusQA’s detailed test scenarios validated receipts printed by POS application and performance of new printer. We kept track of discrepancies found in printed receipts and of issues until they were resolved by the developers.

The whole project was successfully delivered on schedule and within budget.