Web Application Performance Testing for Gaming Website Case Study

The Client

The client is an independent Finnish media company specializing in children’s products with the goal to create products that support positive childhood experiences.

The Challenge

Our client was launching a new web-based game hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). They wanted to load-test their website to analyze the behaviour of the application while gradually increasing the number of users.

The key challenge was to test the load that the website could handle in order to identify the number of users it can handle before becoming unresponsive.

The focus was to performance test and identify the operations that were very resource intensive for the server(s), excluding the client side operations.

The Process

  1. Create Test Plan.
  2. Setup JMeter.
  3. Test Automation.
  4. Review Test Results.
  5. Optimize Server.

How Optimus Helped

In order to help our client meet their testing needs, OptimusQA’s team followed these steps:

  1. Our team quickly understood the requirement and created a plan consisting of various server side operations to be performed and with the number of users gradually increasing.
  2. We proposed to use open source performance testing tool “JMeter” for creation and execution of the automated test scripts.
  3. Our team created automated scripts doing different server side operations with different numbers of concurrent users and recorded the response times.
  4. We analyzed the test results and created visual charts to highlight bottlenecks and sharp increase in response time for different operations.
  5. We shared the test results with the client with their observations and recommendations for fine tuning the application.

Our client was satisfied with our testing and feedback of the application. The testing exercise helped the client get the complete insight on the load that the website could handle.

The client was also able to identify key operations that were consuming a lot of computing power. This helped them in making relevant modifications to the code to improve the performance of the game and reduce server load.