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Migration to Azure: SQL Server on VM, Managed Instance, and Database

Are you looking to migrate your SQL server to cloud platforms like AWS or Azure? SQL Server older versions are moved to the cloud to modernize their infrastructure, extend their […]

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Necessity Over Capacity: How to Get Cloud-Enabled Applications Right 

Cloud-enabled applications are on-premise software adapted to work in the cloud. However, despite being cloud-enabled, moving a legacy application to the cloud isn’t enough to truly take advantage of the […]

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Power Platform Updates 2022

Introduction Microsoft is well known for its constantly evolving products and their 2022 release wave 1 Plan which outlines Power Platform updates is a great way to get a look into […]

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Microservices Scalability as a Business Issue

Microservices are a popular option for application modernization. For one thing, they are cost-effective, making them ideal for smaller companies. Also, microservices can be cloud-native, saving the space required for […]

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Understanding the Azure Container Apps Service

Azure Container Apps have skyrocketed into popularity since their launch at the 2021 Microsoft Ignite Conference. In this article we’ll be covering a few topics integral to understanding the Azure […]

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Legacy Systems: The Risks of Postponing Application Modernization

Legacy systems are systems near the end of their life cycle. While still functional, legacy systems are potentially detrimental from both a technical and business point of view. This can […]

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5 Technology Trends on the Horizon for 2022

Introduction January is a time of looking back upon the last year and looking ahead to the year in front of us. To prepare you for the year ahead, we’ve […]

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Optimus Information Selected as Azure Specialist for ISVs in Canada

Optimus Information is thrilled to announce that they have been selected as 1 of 2 Microsoft Partners in Canada to earn the Azure Specialists for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) title. […]

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Why Azure Arc is a Game Changer for Hybrid Cloud

Have you ever struggled with controlling and governing complex systems, with ever-changing management tools? Some parts of running an organization that relies on cloud environments can be really difficult. It’s […]

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Cloud Adoption Missteps Part 3: Governance and Organization

Welcome back to the final part of our 3-part Cloud Adoption Missteps series where we will be going over some of the errors and mistakes that take place during the […]

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Common Cloud Adoption Missteps Part 2: Adoption and Management Stages

Welcome back to the Cloud Adoption Missteps series, for part two: focusing on the adoption and management stages. If you haven’t already checked out our first blog post in the […]

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Optimus Information Wins at Microsoft’s 2021 Impact Awards

Microsoft Canada recognizes Optimus Information as winner of the  2021 Regional Cloud Solution Provider – Azure Impact Award Vancouver, BC, Canada — July 15, 2021 – Optimus Information Inc. is proud […]

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Legacy Application Modernization: Benefits, Challenges and Approaches

Organizations typically invest considerably to procure or develop custom applications that support critical business operations. Unfortunately, when these applications go out of date, replacing them with newer applications is often […]

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Modernizing Applications with Azure PaaS

For organizations that rely on legacy technology, the cost of maintaining outdated software inhibits innovation and slows down the digital transformation process. Since business operations generate dependency on these legacy […]

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Common Cloud Adoption Missteps during the Strategy and Planning Phase

  There are many roadblocks along your journey to digital transformation. Following the guidance from the Cloud Adoption Framework closely is essential when undergoing your cloud migration.  While the Cloud […]

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Optimus has Earned the Modernization of Web Apps to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization

  Optimus Information is pleased to announce that they have earned the Modernization of Web Apps to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization, a validation of a solution partner’s deep knowledge, extensive […]

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How to Get Your Cloud Migration Right

In the modern world of emerging technologies, organizations that rely on legacy systems can start to lose competitive advantage and experience a decline in customer experience. A popular driver for […]

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6 Cloud Migration Strategies: Choosing the Right One

Introduction  These days, more and more companies are opting for digital transformation. As a result, there is a tectonic shift toward frameworks and tools that create efficiency and improve the […]

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How to Choose the Right Partner to Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure

There are many benefits to using a partner to manage your cloud infrastructure, ranging from disaster recovery to cost control, and it’s a great idea to seriously consider using a […]

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Cloud Migration: Common Challenges and Recommendations

Introduction It is estimated that today more than 90% of companies are already using some form of cloud services, while by 2023, the public cloud market is projected to reach […]

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Microsoft Ignite Announcements 2021

  Microsoft Ignite hosted their second virtual conference in 2021, and had so many exciting speakers and announcements, that we thought we should dedicate an article to some Microsoft Ignite […]

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Essentials of Data Governance

In the era of emerging technologies, data has become essential for organizations. With rapid digital transformation across industries, gaining a competitive advantage is crucial for thriving in the market. Today, […]

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5 Tips for SaaS Business Success

With February came another exciting event in our webinar series: Learning from the Best SaaS companies, with guest speaker Boris Wertz. Wertz is the Founding Partner of Version One Ventures, […]

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Five Core Principles to Simplify Public Cloud Management

The Challenge of Managing Public Cloud Platforms Migration to a cloud-native framework has been at the center of digital transformation for many organizations over the past couple of years, and […]

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5 Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud using the Azure SQL Database

As we move into 2021, migrating data to the cloud has been the norm for the last few years. We would even go as far to say that it’s becoming […]

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Microsoft Tools to Grow Your SaaS Business

Microsoft provides specific tools and programs that help SaaS businesses elevate their products, reach their customers, and develop their solutions into a profitable business. Below are the top 5 Microsoft […]

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Website Performance Testing

Website Performance Testing Like any software product, your website or web application requires thorough testing before it goes live to ensure a quality user experience. Web users are accustomed to […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Application Development on Azure

Introduction: Moving to the Right Cloud, the Right Way An Enterprise Cloud Story A large Canadian financial services organization decided to migrate one of its commercial banking applications to the […]

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Looking Back and the Trends and Predictions for 2021

What are Some Trends and Predictions for 2021? Looking back at 2020, the year has been hectic no matter what industry you’re in. From agriculture to real estate, every industry […]

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Top 5 Cloud Adoption Pitfalls

What are some pitfalls you can avoid in your cloud adoption journey? Digital transformation is the evolution of business because it embraces the necessity of change. Cloud adoption is a […]

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How to Create a Data-Driven Culture

We are truly in the digital age; data in every enterprise is growing at an exponential rate. A report from Forrester shows that businesses with a data-driven culture are growing […]

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How to Overcome Data Migration Hurdles

Overcome Data Migration Hurdles We overcome data migration hurdles when we plan around them. Recently, we migrated a client’s 20 terabyte SQL server on an on-prem database running an old […]

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5 Cloud Security Best Practices

What are the top 5 cloud security best practices? Here’s a staggering fact: Each year, cybercrime rakes in more profits for criminals than the illegal drug trade and is predicted […]

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication and Why Should You Have it?

The Status Quo: Single Factor Authentication You’re probably familiar with normal authentication by now. It’s made up of typically two things: your username and password. And if you know your […]

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The Digital Transformation Journey of a Vancouver based eCommerce Retailer

What’s behind most successful businesses nowadays? We’d argue the key is a solid data centre, cloud base, and vision. While communication and office culture are both integral in a thriving […]

dos-and-donts-to-succeed-at-digital-transformation-180x180 Blog

5 Do’s and Don’ts to Succeed at Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for a long time, and for good reason, but what are some do’s and don’ts to succeed at it? If you haven’t had […]

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Managed Services: How Can It Help You?

In this increasingly digital world, there is infinite access to beneficial services that can grow and take your business to the next level. But sometimes it’s hard to differentiate what […]

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Reimagining Virtual Collaboration: Exciting Updates to Microsoft Teams

It’s strange to think that at the beginning of 2020, we had no idea of the turn the world was about to take. At the beginning, even the idea of […]

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How Digital Transformation is Changing the Face of Business Management

Cloudy with a Chance of Management Theory: How Digital Transformation is Changing the Face of Business Management What is business management? And how is it evolving as the world moves online? […]

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Positive Aspects of Working from Home

Barely hanging in there while working from home, or has it been surprisingly easy? It’s been almost three months since the majority of the city, and the world went into […]

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Integrate Data Silos with Azure Synapse Analytics

The Roadblock for Digital Transformation It is clearly established that Digital Transformation is the key to success and even survival for organizations, even more so with the current global crisis […]

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Why Implementing a Cloud Management Service is Crucial: The Benefits of CloudCheckr

Have you read extensively about digital transformation? And read all about how to take your business to the cloud, upping your game? We have, too. But we want to let […]

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Digital Transformation in a Nutshell: Understanding Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

What is digital transformation? We’re hearing a lot about it these days, and especially more in the seemingly strange “apocalyptic” era that’s taking place right now. There has never been […]

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Keeping Up With the Times: The Technology Industry’s Response to COVID-19

In the whirlwind of the last few weeks, the world has turned to the digital side of things for solace. Working from home has only been possible through the use […]

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Support For Our Community

Small businesses and individuals around the world are feeling the negative effect COVID-19 has had on the economy. Here at Optimus, the health and safety of our employees and community […]

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Playing Pretend: How to Keep Productivity Levels Up While Working From Home

When you are used to working from the office, staying home and trying to meet deadlines can prove to be a challenge sometimes. Various industries have been affected by COVID-19 […]

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The Greenest Cloud: Looking at Microsoft’s New Green Plan

With the material world being geared increasingly towards understanding climate change and carbon footprints, we often forget that the digital world contributes to fossil fuel emissions as well. Looking at […]

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Starting a Data Project

It’s exciting to hear ‘Data is the new Oil’ or the ‘new Gold’ or the new ‘something valuable’. What I dread, though, is the day we hear ‘Data is the […]

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The Ultimate Guide to an Optimus Intern

Optimus Information offers an incredible internship program for software engineers unlike any other. Everybody at Optimus holds interns to the highest standard. There is no spoon-feeding or babysitting in the […]

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4 Tips to Prevent “Run-Away” Azure Costs

Imagine you return to the office on Monday morning and discover a mysterious spike in your Azure consumption. You are now significantly over your monthly budget. As you feel a […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility at Optimus

What Community Service Means to Optimus: It’s undisputed that giving back is a core connector in large communities and companies. At Optimus, contributing time and funding to various causes in […]

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Technology and Collaboration in the Workplace

Collaboration is a top priority for many organizations and business leaders. At Optimus, collaboration is integral to office culture and how we evolve and stay flexible. Collaboration within the workplace […]

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The Optimus Family: Interning in Noida

From the moment we stepped on to the plane, there was always a looming fear of “will I fit in?” It was extremely intimidating to embark on a journey that […]

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Microsoft Makes a Significant Investment in Canadian Cloud

Microsoft Cloud Services has been a core contributor to the growth and development of numerous Canadian organizations and is steadily making more investments in Canadian Cloud. Recently announcing their first […]

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Technology is Becoming the Core to Every Business

By Goran Kimovski, SVP Global Customer Solutions (Onica) For many decades, technology businesses were considered a separate industry sector. These were typically companies whose revenue was dependant on developing technology-based […]

ArtofLeadership-180x180 Blog

The Art of Leadership for Women

Jessalynn Tran is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Optimus Information Today, more women are moving up the corporate ladder and breaking glass ceilings. We are raising a generation of […]

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Automated Testing on Azure DevOps

If you are looking for automated testing for any of your applications and would like to integrate it with your Azure DevOps infrastructure, Optimus Information has a “ready to deploy” […]

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Mobile App Security: In Search of the Silver Bullet

In October, 2016, the use of mobile devices to access the internet surpassedi that of desktop computers. Today, more than half of internet access is done with phones and tablets. […]

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Optimus Information Makes the 2018 List of Fastest Growing Canadian Companies

Canadian Business unveils 30th annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies Vancouver, BC (September 13, 2018) – For the second year in a row, Canadian Business and Maclean’s has ranked Optimus […]

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DevOps: Embrace the Culture and Speed App Development and Deployment

The past decade has seen some tectonic shifts in how application software is developed and deployed. Traditional waterfall methods, which siloed teams and produced apps that mostly worked well (until […]

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Connected Intelligence through Exponential Ecosystems — Mobile Future Forward

Connected Intelligence through Exponential Ecosystems That’s the theme of this year’s Mobile Future Forward gathering in Seattle this October. Visionaries, developers, CEOs of tech firms – essentially, “the best and […]

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Two Reasons to Celebrate – The IAMCP Honours Optimus Information at Microsoft Inspire 2018

“I’m delighted to see Optimus Information recognized at Microsoft Inspire,” said Awards Chair and former IAMCP President, Gail Mercer-MacKay. “Not only is the company creating incredibly sophisticated and innovative solutions […]

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Evolution or Revolution? The Power of Microservices in Azure PaaS

Constant business pressures are demanding more and more from software developers, and they are responding with some remarkable new technologies. As always, necessity is the mother of invention. Developers are […]

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Data Lakes – Deep Diving into Data Like Never Before

As data analytics, machine learning and AI continue to rapidly evolve, so, too, does the need to acquire, access and catalogue large amounts of data required to power data analysis. […]

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API Testing: Do It Right and Automate

Software development in 2018 looks nothing like it did a decade ago. Developers have been driven to find faster and more efficient ways to produce a finished application. Customers demand […]

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Work/Life Balance: Stop Trying to Achieve It

Work/life balance: a concept that’s been drilled into our brains and pushed on us for years, yet a majority of people struggle to achieve it. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing […]

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Behind The Scenes at Optimus: My Experience as an Intern

Excited and afraid, I boarded a plane, leaving my family, friends and city life behind. I was about to embark on what would be the most challenging, educational and rewarding experience […]

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Q&A About Open Source and Azure with Mark Godfrey of Microsoft

Mark Godfrey is a TSP with Microsoft Canada. Recently he spent time presenting to an audience of more than 200 application developers about Open Source, Azure and Optimus Information at […]

ryan-speaking-at-linux-on-azure-180x180 Blog

Microsoft Technology Summit – Open Source and Azure and the Optimus Test Harness

Ryan O’Connor presenting the Optimus Test Harness at Microsoft Tech Summit in Vancouver It was both a pleasure and a privilege to represent Optimus at the Vancouver Microsoft Technology Summit […]

opt-cs50-2-180x180 Blog

How a Global Puzzle Competition is Changing Software Application Development and QA Testing

Teams of people including students, interns, software application developers, QA testers and more from around the world competed recently in the third annual CS50 Puzzle Day, sponsored by Harvard University. […]

business-leaders-collaborate-boardroom-180x180 Blog

Digital Collaboration: Superhighway to Innovation and Economic Transformation

Federal and provincial governments in Canada along with the private sector are undertaking a major initiative to establish the nation as a global centre for digital transformation and innovation, generating […]

brain-thinking-about-design-180x180 Blog

Think Big: How Design Plus Data Will Change Your Business

Is design thinking catching your attention? It should. Data insights not available before now can transform your business models and allow you to lead in your industry when you incorporate […]

cloud-cooking-change-180x180 Blog

How Cloud is Cooking Up Change in the Restaurant Industry

As more and more restaurant owners look for ways to cut costs, improve customer service and drive loyalty initiatives, application modernization including cloud applications, mobile apps and predictive data modelling […]

Game-Changers-180x180 Blog

Game Changers: The Role of Big Data in the Future of Credit Unions

Discover how credit unions are embracing data analytics and machine learning to improve services and find new business opportunities.

performance_testing_wordcloud-180x180 Blog

Types of Performance Testing and the Best Tools for the Job

In the abstract, it’s easy to think of testing a piece of software as a single set of actions. Within the industry, however, it has become common practice to look […]

Software-as-a-Service-180x180 Blog

Test Automation for SaaS Products

Software as a service is a popular delivery model for various business application domains including content management, service desk applications, accounting, invoicing, human resource management, CRM and ERP. Versus long-term […]

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Infographic – Why Move Your Application Development to Microsoft Azure?

At Optimus, we’re seeing more and more of our clients take advantage of the cloud. Applications once thought impossible to move to the cloud due to scale, complexity or simply […]

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Optimus Breakfast Series: The Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing Recap

The most recent installment of the Optimus Breakfast Series took place yesterday morning, Oct. 5th, 2017. This event hosted an engaging discussion on when and how to outsource software projects […]

PROFIT-500-Logo-2017-BLUE-square-180x180 Blog

Optimus Information Ranks on the 2017 PROFIT 500!

Vancouver, BC (September 19, 2017)  Canadian Business and PROFIT has named Optimus Information Inc. to the 2017 PROFIT 500! The ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies is based on five year […]

Dos-and-Donts-3-180x180 Blog

Azure Architect Wouter van Eck’s Do’s & Don’ts for Azure Cloud Application Development

The Azure Cloud is transforming application development as we know it. Applications that would have been too costly and time-consuming to develop on legacy infrastructure take a fraction of the […]

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4 Ways Azure is Rising to Meet Data Warehouse Demands

In today’s data-first world, IT infrastructure is the foundation for strategic decision-making, with companies requiring larger quantities in shorter periods of time. This is putting the traditional data model – […]

Cloud-Computing-cap-180x180 Blog

Does Your Data Warehouse Belong in the Azure Cloud? Here are Some Things to Consider

It’s no secret: Microsoft Azure is hot right now. This is demonstrated by their 97% growth in Q2 2017. With more organizations migrating their data infrastructure to the cloud every […]

Inforgraphic-Avatar-180x180 Blog

Infographic – The Modern Data Warehouse Framework

Check our latest infographic, The Modern Data Warehouse Framework! As organizations are collecting and processing increasing amounts of data from a growing number data sources, data systems must evolve to […]

Cloud-Development-180x180 Blog

Three Trends Influencing the Rise of Application Development on Microsoft Azure

In today’s always-on, data driven world, organizations will either disrupt, or be disrupted. For those that choose the former, a fast application development cycle is critical for success. This is […]

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Optimus Breakfast Series: Testing in an Interconnected World – Video

How to Test Applications as They Become Increasingly Universal In case you couldn’t make it to Testing in an Interconnected World on June 13th, 2017, you can watch the entire […]

Testing-in-an-Inerconnected-World-Recap-180x180 Blog

Testing in an Interconnected World: Event Recap

How to test applications as they become increasingly universal In case you missed it, the latest instalment of the Optimus Breakfast Series went off Tuesday morning, June 13th, 2017. The […]

Power-BI-for-Mobile-1-180x180 Blog

Power BI for Mobile: Take Your Data on the Road

One area where the Power BI software stack really shines is the mobile space. The Power BI product line includes three apps: one for iOS, Windows Phone and Android. These […]

Cloud-180x180 Blog

Data Analytics in the Cloud: Where to Start?

Where should you start when doing data analytics in the cloud? An enterprise-wide data analytics system pulling data from multiple sources, correlating and presenting results in relevant, insightful visualizations to enable […]

azure-sql-cloud-copy-180x180 Blog

Cloud Data Warehousing with Azure SQL

If you are running an on-premise data analytics stack on Microsoft’s SQL Server, but running into maintenance, cost and scaling issues, you can consider moving your data system to a cloud-based database […]

iStock_000011998528_Large-v4-180x180 Blog

Announcing Transform 2016 – A data analytics breakfast event

Optimus is excited to bring you Transform 2016 on Oct. 20th 2016! Transform 2016 will bring three executives from leading Vancouver organizations to talk about how they are using data analytics […]

Bar-Chart-copy-180x180 Blog

SSIS Best Practices

What are the SSIS Best Practices? SSIS represents a complete rewrite of its early predecessor Data Transformation Services. Usability, parallelism and performance have all been vastly improved over the years […]

Monitor-Graph-180x180 Blog

Power BI vs QlikView

What are the key difference between Power BI and QlikView? In the world of business intelligence, putting the right tools in the hands of the right people is critical to […]

static1.squarespace-copy-180x180 Blog

Power BI for Office 365

How can you integrate Power BI for Office 365? If you’re like many folks in today’s business world, there’s a good chance you’re already using Microsoft’s Office 365 software suite. […]

graph-icon-180x180 Blog

Steps to Getting Good BI Requirements

What are the steps needed to get good BI requirements? Half the battle for many projects is getting started. BI projects are no different in that respect. A critical phase […]

system_integration-copy-180x180 Blog

How SSIS Fits into an ETL Process

MicrosoftSQL Server Integration Services – SSIS – is a common solution for many organizations’ data management requirements with regard to their Business Intelligence systems. Specifically, SSIS and SQL Server together […]

cloud-computing-circuit-180x180 Blog

BI: Difference Between Cloud and On-premise

What are the differences between Cloud and On-premise? The model for how companies acquire and field software for business intelligence purposes has changed dramatically in the last five years. One […]

Product-Comparison-1-180x180 Blog

Product comparison: Power BI, Tableau, QlikView and SAP

Few topics that come up during a business meeting are at once as simple and as challenging to address as the question of how the company is doing. It wasn’t […]

HiRes-180x180 Blog

Best Practices for Successful Business Intelligence

Few, if any, companies doubt a successful Business Intelligence value to their internal and customer-facing operations and the crucial role it plays in making accurate, lightning-fast tactical and strategic decisions […]

Computer-chip-square-180x180 Blog

What is Business Intelligence?

What is Business Intelligence? Modern companies are compiling a huge amount of data on a daily basis. Answering the question of what to do with all this information is the […]

dos-and-donts-180x180 Blog

Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Software Outsourcing? Outsourcing software development can be a great way to save your company or organization time and money. However, if done haphazardly, […]