Business leaders need reliable reports and analysis to make timely decisions, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. While businesses may have the required data, they may not have an in-house team with the expertise or time to create the reports and dashboards that they need. This case study examines how Optimus simplified the analytics process for our client to ensure better decision making.

The Client

The client is an alternative specialty lender based out of Vancouver, Canada. 

The Business Need 

The client receives multiple Excel sheets with loan and payment information from a partner every month. They created several Excel models to collate the data, analyze it, and generate critical monthly reports. 

However, they were facing three main challenges:

  1. The number of spreadsheets and the number of tabs kept increasing every month.
  2. There were data format inconsistencies in the spreadsheets.
  3. They could not analyze the data across months because the data was siloed across different spreadsheets.

The client wanted a solution that would simplify their monthly reporting, allow for changes as requirements evolved, and the ability to perform predictive analytics across different months. 

The Optimus Solution 

Optimus suggested using their Data Analytics as a Service which provides the generation of customized dashboards, reports, and analysis. We assigned a dedicated team to the client that understood the initial reporting requirements, built data pipelines to import all the data into a centralized database, and crafted the required reports. This team now handles all the required tasks required to generate these reports which includes:

  • importing the data after correcting any errors, 
  • generating the reports, 
  • enhancing the reports, 
  • running ad-hoc queries, 
  • and building advanced predictive models. 

This service ensures the client gets the analytics they need to run their business without the pain and frustration of managing the process.

The Results

Now, the client receives all critical reports on-time despite any changes to the input data format. Working with a dedicated team, they have been able to easily make improvements to their reports on a regular basis and get answers to ad-hoc questions from a team of experts. Even though COVID-19 created more volatile market conditions, this client was able to adjust their strategy quickly because they had predictive analytics in place. Since the client had accurate reporting, they were able to make timely decisions that resulted in maximizing their profits and minimizing their risks.


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